The Positive Handbook for Regenerative Business

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This Handbook is full of inspiring case studies of pioneering changemaker companies at the front lines of positive impact. Whether you run a mission-led business or are an aspiring entrepreneur with a big idea who wants to change the world, this is an indispensable guide. The authors share powerful insights and tools for businesses interested in taking sustainability to the next level.

From social injustice, to climate change, this handbook sets out a practical vision for transformational change inspired by Nature. The authors have anchored their vision in Regenerative principles and take the reader on a deep dive into indigenous wisdom, purpose, systems change, bio-leadership, biodiversity, nature, and human potential. They also present their “Compass,” a powerful 360-degree tool for those interested in the power of business as a force for good. 

PART 1: Building a Regenerative Economy​

For more than half a century, the fragile systems that support life on Earth have been pushed to breaking point. Yet today, we are seeing the beginnings of a silent eco-revolution. Could humanity be on the verge of a developmental leap forward? 

PART 2: Regenerative Business & the Whole System​

Humanity faces a number of highly complex, interdependent and overlapping challenges. Without having a clear understanding of how these challenges play out within the context of the bigger picture, we can only expect solutions which merely treat the symptoms and do not tackle the underlying causes.

PART 3: The Positive Compass​

The Positive Compass provides companies and leaders with a transformational set of values to guide your Regenerative business journey. Anchored with Purpose at the centre, companies using this tool have a 360 degree vision of their impacts in the world. 

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The Positive Handbook for Regenerative Business

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